author        = {Thomas Lor\"unser and Edwin Querasser and Thomas Matyus and Momtchil Peev and Johannes Wolkerstorfer and Michael Hutter and Alexander Szekely and Ilse Wimberger and Christian Pfaffel-Janser and Andreas Neppach},
  title         = {Security Processor with Quantum Key Distribution},
  booktitle     = {Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processors -- ASAP 2008, 19th IEEE International Conference, Leuven, Belgium, July 2-4},
  year          = {2008},
  pages         = {37--42},
  doi           = {10.1109/ASAP.2008.4580151},
  abstract      = {We present a fully operable security gateway prototype, integrating quantum key distribution and realised as a system-on-chip. It is implemented on a field-programmable gate array and provides a virtual private network with low latency and gigabit throughput. The seamless hard- and software integration of a quantum key distribution layer enables high key-update rates for the encryption modules. Hence, the amount of data encrypted with one session key can be significantly decreased. We realise a highly modular architecture and make extensive use of software/hardware partitioning. This work is the first approach towards application of a new key distribution technology in dedicated security processors. In particular, it elaborates requirements for the integration of quantum key distribution on a chip level.}