author        = {Ivan Gudymenko and Michael Hutter},
  title         = {Security in the Internet of Things},
  howpublished  = {Intensive Program on Information Communication Security, IPICS Summer School, Korfu, Greece, 22-31 August},
  year          = {2011},
  url           = {http://di.ionio.gr/ipics2011/}
  abstract      = {The Internet of Things (IoT) is a very promising paradigm which can be seen as the process of integrating intelligence into the surrounding artefacts with their subsequent interconnection via the Internet in order to provide (possible new) services to the user. Despite bringing in undeniable benefits, it raises serious security and privacy concerns. This essay is devoted to the security peculiarities of the IoT domain. In order to address this issue, a general notion of IoT is brie y described and its technological cornerstones are discussed. The focus is made on the peculiarities of security threats in the resource-constrained IoT environment. The essay surveys the related work in the security area of IoT, discusses the proposed solutions and summarizes the inherent security vulnerabilities of IoT. The importance of taking privacy issues into account is outlined as well.}